An unwavering commitment to our customers.

At Kuenz, we are deeply committed to our customers’ success. To ensure that our products work to their full potential, we offer the best maintenance and support in the industry, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Remote access

Many issues can be solved remotely, saving our customers´ time, expense, and effort. Our technicians operate a 24/7 hotline for troubleshooting. They can connect to our products via VPN, diagnose the problem, and advise on the best solution. Remote access gets our equipment back to work as fast as possible.


Kuenz customers get a specific maintenance plan that covers everything from technical inspections to life-cycle cost analysis. Our Kuenz Information System KIS enables predictive maintenance so that our customers can solve problems before they occur and keep their equipment in use for a longer lifetime. We are available to answer questions 24/7 on our dedicated hotline.

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