NFC orders two Tankhouse cranes for AMIN

KUENZ is proud to announce receipt of an order from NFC for delivery of two (2) automated Tankhouse cranes for AMIN’s 900 KTPA Captive Copper Smelter Project coming up in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Ess Bee Consulting, our Indian representative, played an active role in the realization of this business.

The order was booked during the second quarter of 2022, with a delivery scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. 

AMIN, a world-class mining company operating Indonesia’s second-largest Copper and Gold mine selected China’s NFC, which has completed numerous projects of copper smelters as the main contractor for the facilities and Nerin Engineering Co. Ltd. (NERIN) as the technology provider for their state-of-the-art Copper Smelter & Precious Metal Refinery (PMR) project in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia.

The consortium opted for Kuenz fully automated, heavy-duty overhead refinery Cranes based on stringent selection criteria, specifying operational productivity, reliability, accuracy, speed and highest performance levels.

The customized cranes from Kuenz will be built according to the latest standards. 

Kuenz’s automated Tankhouse cranes stand for high productivity, efficiency and reliability. These cranes will be designed, manufactured and tested at Kuenz. Sophisticated electric drives and precise positioning devices ensure accurate and user-friendly operation with the highest levels of productivity, while convenient and easily accessible checkpoints significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase availability.

Kuenz Tankhouse cranes have a proven record of accomplishment in the handling of electrodes efficiently to meet customers’ business objectives.

Kuenz is very grateful for the trust bestowed by AMIN in opting for our Cranes and is pleased to enter into a long-term partnership for their ambitious, world-class business operations”, says Johannes Malin, Area Sales Manager of Kuenz.