World’s fastest Tankhouse Crane Delivery from Kuenz to the US

After a major fire in the Mooresboro plant of AZP – American Zinc Production in April 2019 two Kuenz Tankhouse cranes were largely destroyed. 7 months later, Kuenz delivered one completely new and one refurbished crane for the zinc electro winning to AZP.

By end of April 2019, the zinc plant of our customer AZP cached fire, which ravaged large parts of the plant and two Kuenz Tankhouse cranes. These two cranes have been in operation for zinc electro winning at AZPs location since October 2013. When the injury assesements were completed Kuenz was commissioned with the refurbishment respectively the replacement delivery of the burnt cranes. After dismantling all components in August 2019, one of the cranes was delivered to South Carolina for refurbishment and returned to the customer in record time, just three months later. Meanwhile, crane number two was produced in the European Kuenz plants. After resuming the production in February 2020 both cranes have been working in the American Zinc Production facility in Moorseboro. The cranes move fully automatically on a crane rail length of 70 m up to 100 m / min and have a capacity of 14 t each.