FREERIDER: The next level of RTG

Decades of experience and continuous product improvement has led Kuenz to become an innovation leader in the container handling market. Kuenz crane components are designed and selected with a focus on safety, availability, reliability, and efficiency. As a result of these strengths, Kuenz has designed a Rubber Tired Gantry Crane which will lead a new path in the daily RTG Business.

More Efficient , Faster and Flexible. The FUTURE of Container Handling

The primary objective was to design an RTG Crane for more efficiency and faster container handling. A high level of flexibilty in motion also leads to more convenience and increased safety for the operator.
Presenting the new FREERIDER RTG, Kuenz elevates the RTG design into the 21st century. Not only an update of popular concepts, as well as innovative solutions, results in:

  • Kuenz FREERIDER: increased stiffness and reduced gantry structure weight
  • Kuenz SPIDER: new, precise working, and faster hoist system, offering the most stable hoist and rope reeving in the market
  • Kuenz ONE HAND: more accurate controls and more comfortable, ergonomic operator control