The Kuenz Story

Kuenz is one of the oldest companies in the Vorarlberg engineering industry. Our history is littered with milestones and proud achievements, which is why we’re recognized today as the market leader.

What we believe

Our success depends on having satisfied customers. We strive to be a reliable, long-term partner that can solve even the most complex challenges. To achieve this goal, we work in close collaboration with each of our customers. We analyze their needs and circumstances, then design a tailor-made concept. Finally, our world-class team of engineers puts the plan into action. We pride ourselves on delivering first-rate solutions quickly and efficiently, and we support our customers through the system’s entire lifecycle.

We are a reliable long-term partner for our customers

We stand for innovation, quality, and speed

We are highly qualified, deeply committed, and socially engaged

We deal fairly and transparently with our suppliers

We stand by our responsibility to society and the environment

The Kuenz Advantage

As one of the leading innovators in crane construction, we don’t just follow the trends – we drive them. In our dedicated production facilities, we engineer patented solutions that solve some of our customers’ biggest problems. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing a service that covers every phase of the lifecycle, from concepts and consulting through to design, production, maintenance, and training.

Our technical expertise is second to none

Our business is profitable and independent

We are the leading company in our core markets

We do our own manufacturing in dedicated plants

Enthusiastic employees are our success guarantee since 1932.

In a modern and pleasant working environment our employees can use and improve their skills self-dependent. For Kuenz it is crucial to support our employees as much as possible. That way our motivated employees can contribute to our mutual success.

Kuenz by the numbers

Founded in 1932

500 employees

5 locations

100% family-owned business

ISO 9001-2015 certified

Brochure Company Profile

Company Profile

Kuenz has a wide experience in crane and hydromechanical equipment manufacturing and offers well-designed high quality products for ambitious customers worldwide

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