Kuenz completes assembly of RMG cranes at Poland’s CLIP container terminal

The assembly of three Kuenz RMG cranes is almost complete at the CLIP intermodal terminal in Swarzędz near Poznań.

Upon completion of the investment, the CLIP logistics hub in Wielkopolska will be able to reload eight intermodal trains at the same time. The 40-ton intermodal cranes from Kuenz will be used for handling containers, semi-trailers and swap bodies.

The cranes have a span of 96m and are among the largest in Europe. They can stack four containers high and are equipped with piggyback spreaders. The main part of the gantry structure is the innovative single girder with an oval cross section to reduce the energy consumption and the crane weight. Together with the Terminal Operating System (TOS) the crane moves are optimized so that the operational costs and the duration for stacking and (un-)loading are kept to a minimum.

The cranes will be connected and controlled by means of two Remote Operation Stations (ROS). Instead of three operators in the crane cabins, the cranes will be operated by only two people from an easy-accessible and comfortable place of work.

The construction of cranes is part of a large project to expand the CLIP terminal implemented with the support of European funds from the Cohesion Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. The total value of the project is over PLN 200 million ($50 million).

Thanks to the implemented investments, the reloading capacity of the terminal will triple from the current 136,000 TEU up to 533,000 TEU per year. Twenty intermodal trains can be serviced here within 24 hours.

After the expansion, the terminal in Wielkopolska will become the largest railway transshipment hub in Poland of international importance, located on the transcontinental E20 main line, which is the main part of the New China-Europe Silk Road. The CLIP terminal also supports a number of connections to many destinations in Poland and other countries of Central and Western Europe.

Source: Port Technology International