Neuer Bargekran für den Hafen Linz, Österreich

The company Linz Service GmbH will reconstruct its Terminal in Linz, in the East of Austria, and awarded Kuenz to supply a new Gantry Crane.

The 120000 m² area of Hafen Linz is an important gate in between the international freight traffic. To still ensure optimal conditions for the trimodal transport, the terminal will be modernized. An important part of the modernization is a second container crane commissioned by Künz GmbH. By 2021 the second Gantry Crane with a double-sided cantilever and a slewing trolley will span two adjoined barges, four railway tracks, a truck – loading and driving lane each, a working area for mobile handling equipment as well as a storage  area. The telescopic Piggy-back Spreader will stack containers of each type 1 over 5 over a width of 40 m.