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Zwei Containerkrane für New Jersey

Two Container Cranes for New Jersey

Until 2018, Kuenz will deliver two new Barge Cranes for the terminal of Watco Transloading LLC. These Cranes will be dedicated for the unloading of...

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Neuauftrag in den Niederlanden

New order in the Netherlands

Until end of 2018 Kuenz will install a new Barge Crane in Zaandem, the Netherlands. The customer CTVrede Steinweg BV has awarded Kuenz for the...

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KÜNZ Intermodal Kran in Triest, Italien

Kuenz Intermodal Crane for Triest, Italy.

Kuenz is installing a new intermodal crane at the terminal of Samer Seaports & Terminal SRL in Triest port, Italy. The crane has a lifting capacity of...

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Künz bei der Jobmesse 2018

am 26. Jänner präsentierten wir uns auf der Jobmesse der FH Vorarlberg.

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CNR relies on Kuenz container cranes

Kuenz has been awarded from its existing French customer the Company Nationale du Rhône, this time not for a trash rack cleaning machine or a...

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