Precise, automated, and fully customizable.

When the project is critical, only the best technology will do. Our semi- and fully-automated tankhouse cranes deliver industry-leading accuracy and reliability for zinc, copper and nickel production. Kuenz tankhouse cranes are the best in the world.

Safety is our priority

As the global leader in tankhouse cranes, we know that safety is the most important factor in an electrolysis environment. That’s why Kuenz guarantees flawless handling, positioning, and stabilization, with exceptional attention to detail that includes double insulated electrics and integrated drip trays. Our cranes are protected from corrosion to ensure long lifetime in harsh tankhouse environments.

Kuenz is also able to support efficient logistics outside the tankhouse for cathode, anode and scrap container handling. 

Kuenz tankhouse cranes are the first choice of leading refineries. Because when the technology runs smoothly, so does the project.

Precision where it counts

Customized to the specific needs of every customer, Kuenz tankhouse cranes intelligently move anodes and cathodes into electrolysis cells for further processing. Because precision is vital, our innovative cranes boast a fast and exact drive system. Within the cell, positioning of anodes and cathodes is accurate within 2mm.

Innovative, reliable technology

We understand secure handling is not negotiable, so our cranes are equipped with an integrated gripping system that prevents slipping during operation. Our sensor system is reliable and accurate, while our intuitive Crane Management System keeps things operating as they should. Depending on the project requirements, Kuenz tankhouse cranes can switch between semi- and fully-automated operating modes.


A Partnership in Technology

Kuenz is the competent partner for designing innovative technology for your tankhouse. No matter, if copper, zinc or nickel either electro winning or electro refinery – Kuenz delivers customer-orientated solutions. 
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