Trash Rack Cleaning Machines. Better performance through smarter cleaning.

Hydropower plants face the constant risk of debris gathering at the inlets and affecting turbine performance. Kuenz solves this challenge with a range of innovative Trash Rack Cleaning Machines. Operating in either full- or semi-automatic mode, our systems remove debris of all shapes and sizes, garbage, and sediment from the inlet, delivering greater efficiency and smoother plant operation.

Hydraulic Trash Rack Cleaning

Thanks to their flexibility and robust design, our hydraulic systems are perfectly suited to remove bulky debris from vertical and inclined trash racks. They can lift up to six tonnes and clean to a depth of  max. 33 meters. 
Manual or fully automatic operation. Automated surface debris removal. Constant pressure on trash racks ensures best cleaning results. Customized solutions available.

Rope Type Trash Rack Cleaning

For dams built in narrow spaces, our rope systems deliver unrivaled precision and reliability. They can lift up to 8.5 tonnes and clean to a depth max. 100 meters. The rope-based technology requires little maintenance, meaning the machine is available when it’s needed most. Thanks to an integrated loading crane, our rope systems can efficiently clear garbage carpets from the surface of the water.

Horizontal systems

Hydropower plants face increasing pressure to lower their environmental impact. Horizontal trash rack and cleaning systems by Kuenz are designed to facilitate compliance with fish protection requirements. They can lift up to 3 tonnes and clean to a depth of max. 8 meters. The integrated loading crane quickly removes large branches and logs. And thanks to a flushing device at the end of the trash rack, our horizontal systems can dispose of debris automatically.

Custom Solutions

Challenging site conditions or special applications ask for custom solutions. Kuenz TRCM-S systems are site-specific designed to ensure efficient debris removal at any intake. 


Trash Rack Cleaning

With more than 50 years of experience Kuenz provides customized Trash Rack Cleaning solutions for efficient plant operation.

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TRCM H-200

Explore the first configurable system for hydraulic Trash Rack Cleaning Machines.

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