Reliable Hydro Mechanical Equipment.

Kuenz offers a full range of hydromechanical equipment for run of river power plants, including screens, segments, stop logs, cranes, and trash rack cleaning machines. Endurance and safety are the basic requirements for equipment in power stations. Kuenz provides an individual concept for each customer to achieve efficient energy production and safety. Since decades Kuenz is your valuable partner.

Trash Racks

A flow and vibration optimized design guarantees utmost protection of the turbine and low loss of energy.

Stop Logs

Modular systems from Kuenz are individually applicable.Designed as fixed or a sliding wheel construction. Available as panel or stackable. Weight up to 30 t.

Flap Gates

Ideal for the regulation of the water levels and the romoval of debris and splash water. Hydraulically actuated. Gate size from 25 to 120 m².

Radial Gates

Project specific designed and manufactured. Available with or without flap.

Sluice Gates

Operation or revision gates. Designed as sliding or fixed wheel construction.


Hydromechanical Equipment

The world needs renewable energy. Decades of expertise make Kuenz the first choice for Hydro-Mechanical Equipment in Europe and North America

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HPP Rott, Austria

Kuenz designed and built the Hydromechanical Equipment for the Hydropowerplant Rott.

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HPP Rheinfelden

Energiedienst AG relies on the trusted partner Kuenz for the replacement of Europe’s oldest large hydropower plant.

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