INTERMODAL and BARGE CRANES - Designed and built by the best in the industry

Kuenz keeps the world of logistics moving. Our technology is a critical piece of the infrastructure that makes global freight possible. Our intermodal cranes transfer containers seamlessly from road to rail, while our barge cranes deliver goods to water ways. When it comes to safety, quality, and innovation, Kuenz leads the market in both Europe and North America.

Cranes for any scenario

At Kuenz, we don’t just build cranes — we build solutions. No two projects are exactly alike. We work closely with our customers to develop a concept that fits their budget and guarantees the safety of their goods. At every step, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and efficiency: from a rapid and effective planning phase, through to precise execution and an uncompromising vision of quality.

Intelligent, functional design

With our unique combination of technical competence and creative ideas, Kuenz is able to engineer the right solution for any project. We design our container cranes as rigid single-girder or double-girder bridges. The steel construction of the gantry bridge comprises the hinged post, the fixed post and the main girders. Our barge cranes also may have a suspension for loading and unloading ships, plus wider gauges that can span the entire harbor bassin if required. The hoist rope reeving for the container hoist gear is executed as a rigid rope-tower. This system enables swing-free travel in gantry and trolley direction, as well as with the slewing gear.

Quality components, built by Kuenz

To ensure the utmost standards of safety and reliability, Kuenz develops, designs and manufactures its own main components like hoists, travelling gears and spreaders. We have a range of patented technologies and customized solutions that help us deliver an unrivaled service to our customers. This commitment extends to remote maintenance and servicing, thanks to the innovative Kuenz Crane Management System. It’s another reason Kuenz has become a most trusted name in the container industry.

Success Stories

Railway Cranes for OEBB Austria

Kuenz supports the ÖBB-Infrastructure to guarantee efficient and reliable freight traffic with pioneering handling technology.

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Intermodal Cranes for CSX, USA

Kuenz‘s RMG ensure efficiency in CSX Intermodal Terminals. Intermodal Cranes for a new generation of US Intermodal Terminals.

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Barge Cranes for The Netherlands

With the orders of the Dutch companies Van Berkel and Nedcargo, another Kuenz Barge Cranes are installed in the Netherlands. With the Aeorodynamic Crane Design Kuenz meets the future challenges.

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