FREERIDER: Wheeled Automation

Kuenz is able to apply it´s FREERIDER to a fully automated end loaded block. With it´s sophisticated patented solutions, the Kuenz FREERIDER is most suitable to increase productivity, safety and to reduce operational costs. 

Why are we able to?
The Kuenz FREERIDER RTG features:

  • the highest gantry speed on the market
  • gantry drive even with loaded container up to 130 m/min
  • the patented SPIDER hoist system and ONE HAND control desk for accurate, faster and safer container handling
  • a fully automation concept.

How can you change your operation in an easy way?

  • Converting your RTG Brown Field to an end loaded block
  • Step by step modification without effects on your daily terminal operation
  • Existing RTG tracks can be reused
  • No change in stacking capacity
  • No significant civil works required, except for the electrification, enclosure, and building of the transfer zone
  • Increased safety due to container handling in a fenced area
  • Step by step move to remote and automation using existing TOS interface

All in all, you will be able to cut your annual operating costs by 40 %