Automated Stacking Cranes. The next generation of efficient Container Handling.

At busy terminals, sorting and stacking containers is a complicated business — one that requires a safe and efficient automated gantry system. Always the leader in innovation, Kuenz has reinvented the automated stacking crane, offering the most advanced and capable systems on the market.

Aerodynamic design

In contrast to traditional box construction, the main beams of our new automated stacking cranes were designed with an advanced round cross-section. This aerodynamic design provides a smaller area exposed to wind that requires less drive power and therefore less energy. This design also reduces wear on the crane’s wheels, runway, and structure, which means better reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Advanced Safety Features

Kuenz understands that safety is always the priority, especially when it comes to automated systems. That’s why our automated stacking cranes have a rigid construction design that minimizes deflections and prevents the container from swinging. Our machines are 100% remote-operated, with no staff required inside the crane.


Automated Stacking Cranes for APMT

Crane Technology by Kuenz at the most automated container terminal in the world. 54 Kuenz ASC´s ensure highest efficiency at APM´s Maasvlakte II.

ASC´s for CTA and CTB Hamburg, Germany

Fully automated crane technology ensures highest flexibility and productivity in HHLA´s terminals.  

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