Our partner schools


To meet the professionals and innovators of tomorrow, we maintain close partnerships with several schools and colleges. We regularly attend the career fairs listed below, where we introduce Kuenz as a potential employer and give interested visitors a glimpse of life at our company. We’re always happy to answer students’ questions, and we look forward to meeting potential colleagues.

HTL Bregenz http://www.htl-bregenz.ac.at/

HTL Dornbirn http://www.htldornbirn.at/

HTL Rankweil http://www.htl-rankweil.at/

HTL Bulme https://www.bulme.at/bulme258/

HTL Kaindorf https://www.htl-kaindorf.at/



Collaborations with universities


In collaboration with various universities and research centers, we continue to develop our systems and products.

Current projects include:

TU Vienna: Tribology

WU Vienna: Terminal 4 0

TU Aachen: Oval main carrier