Double your potential with theory and practice


The dual bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering combines cutting-edge science with professional experience. This training program lays the foundations for an exciting and rewarding career.

In partnership with the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, Kuenz offers bachelor students as of their third semester until finalizing the bachelor’s degree the opportunity to enhance their studies and put their knowledge into practice. During the time at Kuenz, students will be mentored by senior members of our team. They will gain insights into our products, processes, and various aspects of our business management.

Successful applicants will be employed at Kuenz on a fixed contract until the end of their studies. Our students earn a steady income and enjoy access to numerous employee benefits.

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To apply, please send your CV, cover letter, and academic transcripts to:

Alissia Schöflinger

Künz GmbH
Gerbestraße 15
6971 Hard - Austria

T: +43 5574 6883 703