Patented technology to reduce wear and tear.

For lower maintenance and operating costs, leading companies choose Kuenz’s patented traveling gear technology. This is essential for fast moving cranes. 

Equal weight distribution

The gantry travel gear is one of the essential features of a Kuenz container crane, contributing to the functionality of the entire system and significantly extending the service life of the wheels. Our advanced, patented construction design allows the chassis to rotate horizontally. Unlike conventional design, our system distributes the vertical and horizontal loads equally on the rail.

Reduced wear and tear

Proven over many years, our innovative design compensates for rail tolerances and sun radiation on connecting girders. For Kuenz customers, this means reduced wear to wheels, tracking devices and rails, which of course translates to lower running and maintenance costs.

Curved design for enhanced maneuverability

Our curved travel gear was designed so that cranes can also operate on curved sections in terminals. The balancing device allows the boogie to be turned on a vertical axis, which reduces horizontal forces. Meanwhile, the entire travel gear adapts to the irregularities of the travel path, further reducing wear and tear on the wheels and rails.


Automated Stacking Cranes

Kuenz has reinvented the automated stacking crane, offering the most advanced and capable systems on the market

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Kuenz is able to apply its FREERIDER to a fully automated end loaded block thanks to its sophisticated patented solutions.

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Intermodal- & Barge Cranes

When it comes to safety, quality, and innovation, Kuenz leads the market in Europe and North America with its Intermodal- and Barge Cranes.

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Automation & Technology

Innovative spirit is the essential basis for great ideas, which our employees turn into reality.

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