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Kuenz Soft Landing - Lower noise

Intermodal terminals are increasingly built in residential areas, and must therefore comply with noise restriction standards. The Kuenz soft landing uses lasers to monitor the spreader and ensure it is placed correctly on the container and the ground. Our crane control system automatically reduces the lifting speed to “creep,” making the spreader and container quieter. Less noise means happier neighbors.

Kuenz Piggy Back Camera - Safe trailer handling – vision becomes reality

Moving semi-trailers is time-consuming and requires additional ground personnel. Kuenz has solved this challenge by developing a special gripper camera that makes handling semi-trailers safer and easier. Four cameras are installed on the inside of the piggyback arms of the spreader, providing visual coverage of the areas around the gripping corners. The images are displayed on a four-part monitor in the crane cabin. The positions of all four grippers are clearly visible so the semi-trailer can be safely taken in the right place. For nighttime operation, the viewing area is illuminated by integrated LEDs. Our gripper camera system significantly increases the safety and efficiency of handling semi-trailers, protecting both staff and loading unit.


Intermodal- & Barge Cranes

When it comes to safety, quality, and innovation, Kuenz leads the market in Europe and North America with its Intermodal- and Barge Cranes.

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Automation & Technology

Innovative spirit is the essential basis for great ideas, which our employees turn into reality.

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