Aerodynamic Crane Design. Lower energy consumption, less maintenance.

Kuenz meets the future challenges with the patented Aerodynamic Crane Design. 

Rounded shape

Kuenz offers a new and unique gantry design in which the main girder is oval-shaped to minimize wind resistance. The rounded design allows the crane to operate using less drive power and consuming less energy. In winter, it prevents water from accumulating and freezing, thereby reducing corrosion.

Less wear

Thanks to innovative Kuenz engineering, we have reduced dynamic forces on the crane’s wheels, runway, and structure. The result is a lower gantry weight, meaning fewer wheels and less load on each one, with the added benefit of lower noise levels.

With our intelligent Aerodynamic Crane Design, we help our customers reduce their maintenance costs, improve their efficiency, and limit their energy consumption.


Aerodynamic Design for Barge Cranes

The cranes for Van Berkel and Nedcargo in the Netherlands, are primarily a premiere in engineering, due to the patented Aerodynamic Crane Design.  

Railway Cranes for OEBB Austria

Kuenz supports the ÖBB-Infrastructure to guarantee efficient and reliable freight traffic with pioneering handling technology.

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